26 May 2018

Workshop – ‘Own Your Mindset’

Learning will be through the medium of GAMES, MUSIC & THEATRE
– Disruptive method of learning
– Relaxed environment of leaning
– Highly engaged and collaborative type of learning
– Expect lot of fun and entertainment
– Expect long lasting benefits

Why learning Through Games?
Games demand spontaneous representation from the players (learners) and this spontaneous representation ensures players reflect true behavior and attitudes. Games are flexible pedagogical tools which make learning relaxed and fun and build learners confidence. Salient points are recollected and applied better when learnt through games. Also Games expose learners to other inherent skills which plays a key role in creating happy minds.

Takeaways from the workshop:
– Understanding of two major mindsets
– Meaning of Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset
– Transformation from Fixed mindset to Growth mindset
– Application of growth mindset in real world, in day-today life

Learnings of the workshop will be helpful in
– Improving quality of life at Work, Home & Society
– Small changes, big benefits

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