KreedaGala FAQs

We crafted this FAQ page to answer many of the frequently asked questions we were asked along the way.

What is KreedaGala ?

We are a team of professionals who provide customized learning interventions to the teams in order to reshape their behaviour patterns to suit their professional environment. And these learning interventions are created through the medium of Games / Music / Theatre

Eg. Communication basics, Change management, Sales Skills, Ego Management, Birds Eye View etc

Why learning through games?

Game-based learning is designed to balance subject of intervention with gameplay and the ability of the player to retain, and apply said subject of intervention to the real world

Educational games are games that are designed to help people to learn about certain subjects, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand an event or culture, or assist them in learning a skill as they play.

What will games in Corporate enable ?

  • Creative ice breakers
  • Agents of Innovation
  • Aids in dip in concentration levels
  • Encourage collaborative and problem solving
  • Induce creative and divergent thinking
  • Keeps learners engaged
  • New and different learning style
  • Salient points are recollected and applied better

What are the benefits of learning through games ?

  • Games make learning relaxed and fun & build learners confidence
  • Games expect long lasting benefits
  • Games expose learners to other inherent skills
  • Games are flexible pedagogical tools
  • Games demand spontaneous representation from the players and this spontaneous representation ensures players reflect true self of theirs (largely behaviour and attitude). Eg:
    1. Their ability to get along with the team
    2. How do they carry themselves in difficult situations
    3. Their leadership qualities
    4. Are they +ve contributors or –ve contributors to the team

How does KreedaGala helps creating happy minds?

It’s a common sense that happy minds are the productive minds. Its been proven through many researches as well. KreedaGala helps team leaders to identify unique gifts and talents of their team members. Employees happiness is related to how much he/she puts his/her unique gifts and talents in to day today work. (Very important in Indian scenario where most of them are in their profession by force but not by choice) Are you happy using acquired skills are inborn skills?

How do you identify Employees Unique gifts and Talents?

That’s where Psychology will come in to play. Through the Psychology techniques we will identify that if the persons right brain is dominant or the left brain. Right brain dominance represents perceptual skills, emotional expressions, visualization, inclination towards arts, music, sports etc. Left brain dominance represents verbal and analytical skills such as, linguistic skills, mathematics, time and rhythm, science etc. This identification will help us to further converge on persons unique gift and talents

Why Psychologist?

  • To attach science to the behaviour patterns
  • To identify behaviour trends and consequences
  • To bring significance to the observations and suggestions
  • To identify participants unique gifts and talents
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