Company Overview

We create customized games / music / theatre for each area of intervention

We are a team of passionate people with vast corporate experience dealt with range of employee and corporate behaviour that contributed to the growth of an individual, a team and the organization itself.

KreedaGala is our experience and our passion. KreedaGala is our initiative to provide customized learning interventions to the associates in order to reshape their behaviour patterns to suit their professional environment.

Learning intervention are catered through games/music/theatre techniques.

Impact life of others by building happy and productive minds everywhere and every day.

To help individuals and corporates to be productive and progressive through creative learning interventions.

  • Integrity
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Creative Thinking
  • Innovation

Core pillars of our analysis

  • Close observation
  • Lot of common sense
  • Application of Psychology (Experts)
  • IoT – Facial expressions (yet to enable)
  • IoT – Noise levels (yet to enable)
  • IoT – Physical activity parameters such as (heart beats / steps taken) – yet to enable

Fun, Entertainment, Recreation

  • We Influence Productive and Progressive Work Environment
  • We help organizations build winning team
  • We influence people’s productivity
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