Learning Interventions are catered through Games/Music/Theatre technique

Why Choose KreedaGala?

  • Provides business critical behaviour enablement
  • Interventions are provided through medium of games / music / theatre which helps learner to retain and apply the subject of intervention to the real world
  • KreedaGala uses psychologists to attach science to the behaviour patterns, identification of behavioural trends and consequences and to bring significance to the observation and suggestion
  • KreedaGala helps team leaders to identify behaviour traits and attitudes of their team members, hence provide platform for the correction if needed
  • KreedaGala helps team leaders to identify unique gifts and talents of their team members. Employees happiness is related to how much he/she puts his/her unique gifts and talents in to day today work. (Very important in Indian scenario where most of them are in their profession by force but not by choice) Are you happy using acquired skills are inborn skills?
  • KreedaGala provides lots of Fun & Entertainment in their sessions
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