26 May 2018

Learning will be through the medium of GAMES, MUSIC & THEATRE - Disruptive method of learning - Relaxed environment of leaning - Highly engaged and collaborative type of learning - Expect lot of fun and entertainment - Expect long lasting benefits Why learning Through Games? Games demand spontaneous representation from the players (learners) and this spontaneous representati...

14 Apr 2018

The Weekend Catchups! Idea is to build ‘like minded’ community to help people to ‘Build a Hobby and Live a Hobby!’ The theme of the event was ‘Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset’We are open for conducting such theme based events for corporates!

12 Feb 2018

Deepak is an avid runner, so far has participated in 2 full marathons, approx. 20 half marathons, One 25K ultra run. Thane Hiranandani Half Marathon 2018 was special for Deepak because he started his journey of marathons through this event in 2013 and hasn’t missed its annual participation since then. Anything that doesn’t come easy is special, so does this run, this run was immediately ...
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