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Learning by insight results in cognitive change involves the recognition of previous events and results in quick recollection and application. Games provide learning by insight, ie they help in better encoding-storage- retrieval of events.
Games, Music and Theatre enable behaviour modification through positive re-inforcement& withdrawal of some re-inforcements to eliminate inappropriate behaviour.
Games help establish correlation between two or more behaviours (prevalent in your team) if they are in +ve or –ve directions and the impact of the correlation.

How we do it?

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We Create

We create customized games /music / theatre for each area of intervention

We Observe

We observe while you play

We Engage

We engage you through games / music / theatre.

We Express

We express our findings.

We Analyze

We analyze your behavior pattern while you play.


Its your SKILL that will put you in the Game,
Its your CHARACTER that will win you the Game

Why choose KreedaGala?

We provide business critical behaviour enablement

Every team that wants to succeed in its goals needs a specific set of behaviours. We help teams weave those set of behaviours and set for success

KreedaGala applies psychology to their interventions

Psychologists attach science to the behaviour pattern. They identify behaviour trends and their consequences and bring significance to the space of ‘observations and suggestions’.

Interventions are provided through medium of Games / Music / Theatre

While such interventions are unique and appealing, they help the learner to retain and apply the subject of intervention to the real world.

We influence productive and progressive work environment

We help organizations build winning team and help people’s productivity.

KreedaGala helps team leaders to identify unique gifts and talents of their team members

Employees happiness is related to how much he/she puts his/her unique gifts and talents in to day today work. (Very important in Indian scenario where most of them are in their profession by force but not by choice) Are you happy using acquired skills or natural skills?

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